The Cluster of Schools named AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS JOSÉ ESTÊVÃO (AEJE) was created in April 2013. However, the schools which are in its origins are older and have a long way done (its Secondary School has more than 150 years old). AEJE is focused on giving the students not only one way of facing their future through curriculum but indeed challenging them to open their minds so that the world is their best classroom.

As it is a big cluster of schools, AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS JOSÉ ESTÊVÃO deals with different types of pupils who develop their skills in different places of its own city of Aveiro. In fact, it deals with a huge range of different types of students because its social context is different since the schools have different localizations and their publics have different backgrounds.

In this cluster AEJE also has another 5 schools besides the secondary one, where it develops the national curriculum with special emphasis on Science, Arts, Sports, and disabled students. AEJE works with pupils from 3 years old up to the adult population and it has around 2 850 students between 3 and 20 years old.

Since AEJE is aware of the importance of the changings inside the classroom, as well as the importance to form citizens for international challenges within the soft skills for the 21st century, it goes on trying to motivate the local community to achieve a new stage, since its aim is to develop a serious and deep work with the students. AEJE also includes several classes of the Professional Courses (VET Courses in the secondary school) in different areas such as ICT Programming, Sports, Wooden Furniture and Construction Design, Photography, and Communication and Digital Service. The Cluster has been awarded with some prizes regarding the students from VET Courses in regional and national contests. Regarding teachers and staff, AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS JOSÉ ESTÊVÃO has around 270 TEACHERS AND 100 MEMBERS OF STAFF.

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